About us

We take pride in stating that we work with some of the biggest cotton merchants and ginners and our mill clientele consists of the top mills in India ,China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam and Pakistan.

With our diverse business portfolio and our reputation for quality products and service, we are moving ahead confidently in our journey towards becoming the preferred choice of our clientele.

We handle around 500000 bales per annum. We are one of the largest cotton commission agents in South india and our business expertise and portfolio is that we can source any kind of cotton growth in this planet.

Our asset is our team of highly dedicated and qualified persons , at the helm of affairs, guiding the destiny of the company to success. The company is driven by , Mr.K.G.Rajkumar, - Managing Director and Mr. Gu.Rathakrishna - Director of the company. Both the directors are brothers come from a well educated background , having a degree in commerce and engineering, respectively. They have a rich and varied 15 years of experience in the same field.

We always emphasize on honest business values and growth through building long lasting relationships.