Cotton Merchants


We are one of the leading cotton merchants and agents in South India. We source raw cotton of all varieties from Gujarat, Maharashtra, M.P, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and supply to around 60 mills In TamilNadu and Andhrapradesh. We handle more than 5 lakh bales per year which includes Domestic, Import and Export. We have well established Administrative office at Coimbatore and branch offices at Yavatmal & Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Rajkot (Gujarat) and Guntur (Andhra Pradesh).We are equipped with experienced staff force at all offices.

Domestic Rawcotton:

Shankar-6 , V-797
Bunny, Brahma,MECH-1
MCU-5, Bunny
DCH-32, Brahma/Bunny, Jaidhar

Our widespread association with the biggest and best companies in cotton trade, around the world, helps us to source all varieties of cotton , with the requisite quality parameters and volume as per specific mill requirements. We always emphasize on proper contract fulfillment in all aspects. Our extensive association and the excellent rapport that we share with our associates helps us to get better and accurate market information, at all times. This in turn helps us to serve both our buyers and sellers to the best of our abilities.

With our wide association and long term relationship with most of the leading cotton ginning and merchants through which we sell around 5 lakh bales per annum

Organic cotton :
We also source organic cotton from Major Ginners of Gujarat, MP, Maharashtra, and Orissa and supply to the leading mills in South India and Mills in Various Countries namely Bangladesh, Indonesia, China e.t.c with our wide connections we can also source FLO COTTON, FAIR TRADE COTTON and CLEANER COTTON.

With the world moving towards making cotton a sustainable product by adopting better cotton initiative to produce better cotton, from farming to end product, we have also integrated ourselves into this movement by investing in a modern ginning factory to gin BCI cotton. We also sources BCI cotton from various areas of India, East Africa (Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe), West Africa (Mali Ivory Coast, Benin, Burkina Faso) and brazil for mills in India, Bangaladesh, China, Indonesia and Pakistan.